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Prissy Posture Collar and Cuffs 3" Set

Beautifully hand-made leather posture collar and cuffs that every sissy would be proud to wear!/

Made in soft, real leather and covered in sweet lace and satin rose buds and satin bows. With three large jingle bells so you will always be heard!

They have an adjustable lockable buckle at the rear, which is lockable with a small padlock (not included), but you can also order standard non-lockable buckles.

Sold as a pair of two cuffs that are just under 3" wide (with a twinkle bell on each). Plus the matching posture collar that is 4.5" at the widest front point.

Choose the main colour of the leather cuff, the leather trim colour, and the colour of the lace trim decoration, plus the colour of the rose buds!

Size Female Small is recommended for petite people, whilst Unisex L is for larger necks.

For the perfect size, you can also give us your actual neck and wrist sizes when ordering (in inches).

Prissy Posture Collar and Cuffs 3" Set

Prissy Posture Collar and Cuffs 3" Set

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