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Vivian 9 inch Bondage Thigh Boots

Our amazing 9" real leather Bondage Thigh Boots are custom made to fit YOU! Now you can have thigh boots that go UP TO YOUR CROTCH!

Made in high quality real leather, with an additional inside leg lining down the top five inches of the inner boot.

The platform is 2", and the amazing 9" heel is steel enforced down the full length, and also at the heel-rest for extra strength, and is our own custom slimline design for extra sex appeal! This heel is exclusive to us!

Please note that the padlocks are NOT included.

You can also order without the lock straps!

Please note these heels are extremely high and are not safe to walk in because of their severe angle. These boots are design for crawling and laying down only.

Thigh boots look and fit best when custom made to fit your thighs, and show a real Mistress of class! Now you can own genuine leather 9\" thigh boots at a FRACTION of the price of others sold elsewhere but at the same highest quality manufacture by boot-makers with 20+ years experience.

Vivian 9 inch Bondage Thigh Boots

Vivian 9 inch Bondage Thigh Boots

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